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Richard Stockwell

Graduate student in Linguistics

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I am a third year graduate student in the Department of Linguistics at the
University of California, Los Angeles.

For Winter 2018, I am Teaching Assistant to Yael Sharvit for Introduction to Study of Language (Ling 1).


I (usually) work on syntax and its interface with semantics.

Current projects

Why can't you elide in a trivial conditional?
  • If he comes, he comes.
  • * If he comes, he does come.
Participant switching verb-phrase ellipsis with symmetrical predicates
  • John wanted to dance with Mary; but Mary didn’t want to dance with John.
Objectless Locative Prepositions in British English
  • The box with the papers in. - N.B. no it!
Consonant copying in the phonology of a Tagalog language game, Tadbaliks
  • wakwákha, 'grasp/grip', N
  • hawák-ankanháwak, 'take hold of something', V

Past projects

Possessive pronouns with personal names in North-West British English
Logophoricity in English
(Lack of) indexical shift in Kazan Tatar
Chomskyan Labelling

Selected downloadable papers

For a full list, see my CV.

2017. Objectless Locative Prepositions in British English. Talk at LangUE 2017. With Carson T. Schütze. (handout)

2017. Emergence of the faithful by consonant copying in a Tagalog language game. Talk at AFLA 24. (handout)

2017. Possessive preproprial determiners in North-West British English. Talk at BLS 43. (proceedings draft)

2016. VP ellipsis with symmetrical predicates. Talk at NELS 47. (proceedings draft)

2016. Labelling in syntax. Cambridge Occasional Papers in Linguistics, Vol. 9 (COPIL 9), 130-155. (link) (pdf)

2016. Gerund imperatives. Proceedings of ConSOLE XXIV, 282-296. (link) (pdf)

2015. Emergent syntax – insights from imperatives. MPhil thesis. University of Cambridge. (pdf)


rstockwell15 AT ucla DOT edu

Department of Linguistics
3125 Campbell Hall
Los Angeles