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Richard Stockwell

Graduate student in Linguistics

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I am a graduate student in the Department of Linguistics at the University of California, Los Angeles.

I studied previously at the University of Cambridge in the Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics and the Faculty of Classics as a member of Pembroke College.

For Spring 2017, I am a Research Assistant to Carson Schütze.


I (usually) work on syntax and its interfaces with semantics.

Current projects

Participant switching verb-phrase ellipsis with symmetrical predicates
  • John wanted to dance with Mary; but Mary didn’t want to dance with John.
Possessive pronouns with personal names in North-West British English
  • Our John came for tea yesterday.
Logophoricity in English
  • According to Alex-1, Ed-2 thought The Post’s photo of themselves-1+2 would make the TV news.
  • * Speaking of Nathan-1, Adam-2 knew that the gallery's portrait of themselves-1+2 would sell well.
Objectless Locative Prepositions in British English
  • The box with the papers in. - N.B. no it!
Consonant copying in the phonology of a Tagalog language game, Tadbaliks
  • wakwákha, 'grasp/grip', N
  • hawák-ankanháwak, 'take hold of something', V

Past projects

Chomskyan Labelling

Selected downloadable papers

For a full list, see my CV.

2017. Emergence of the faithful by consonant copying in a Tagalog language game. Talk at AFLA 24. (handout)

2017. Possessive preproprial determiners in North-West British English. Talk at BLS 43. (handout)

2016. VP ellipsis with symmetrical predicates. Talk at NELS 47. (handout)

2016. Labelling in syntax. Cambridge Occasional Papers in Linguistics, Vol. 9 (COPIL 9), 130-155. (link) (pdf)

2016. Gerund imperatives. Proceedings of ConSOLE XXIV, 282-296. (link) (pdf)

2015. Emergent syntax – insights from imperatives. MPhil thesis. University of Cambridge. (pdf)


rstockwell15 AT ucla DOT edu

Department of Linguistics
3125 Campbell Hall
Los Angeles